Cafe and coffee shop furniture

How to choose the right café and coffee shop furniture

Whether you are opening or refurbishing your coffee shop or café we understand it can be quite stressful. At Najmi furniture all our items are individually sourced and customized for improved robustness, ensuring that the items are suitable for busy contract environments. We have a large inventory of furniture – in stock – ready for immediate delivery.

Apart from good tea,coffee, desserts & snacks, the furniture enhances the warmth of the café interior design you need to set you apart from your competitors. We have put a few tips to help transform your coffee shop to a memorable experience for every customer.

cafe and coffee shop furniture
cafe and coffee shop furniture


Cafe and coffee shop furniture  is not just a functional affair – the type of furniture you keep will resonate and project what kind of coffee shop, bistro or café you are running.Will your customers be able to sit up on the high bar stools, will they be comfortable on hard chairs or do you require upholstered seating ?Will you be catering for children and provide baby chairs? Will you have some comfortable soft seating for customers to sit and relax in after a long day? All these factors will help accomplish your brand and style to target the right customer segments.

Selecting the right products for the café

It is necessary to consider if the furniture is for practical or aesthetic purposes, will be used indoors or outdoors.

Depending on the theme of your restaurant – modern or contemporary we have many options for you to choose from. Our full range of coffee shop furniture seating includes armchairs, side chairs, lounge, bar chairs, sofas & outdoor furniture

Rest assured, we have worked with our suppliers to ensure additional strength and long-lasting durability across our furniture range.


The type of seating product will determine what type of customers will be attracted. If you are located in a central business district, the customers will most likely be coming for a quick coffee or sandwich before going back to work.

In this case our Kristy metal chairs is a good choice as these chairs are designed to be sat on for short periods of time in high traffic environments.  They are strong, robust and easy to clean

Our bentwood Rio chair is another great example that will fit in with ease and simplicity. They are durable, stackable and look very elegant.

For customers who would prefer to discuss deep thoughts, catch up with friends or family or spend those few more hours completing their work – they need something more comfortable to rest on.

We have many wooden chairs with upholstered seats or full wooden seats. Both go very well in cafes.  We also have a range of soft seating products, to give your customers more choice.  Customers will naturally spend more time with the availability of comfortable seating, helping you improve the revenue per customer.

cafe and coffee shop furniture
Shelly wooden chairs

CaféTable Tops

For your café to stand,invest in unqiuetable tops which are durable in a commercial settings – these will go a long way.Our German table top ranges, Raw Lux and Durela are sophisticated indoor table tops with a beautiful feel to them.  Ensure table tops are scratch, heat, cigarette and stain resistant for that additional peace of mind.

Our German Versatop range are specifically design with the outdoors in mind.  They are UV protected and weather resistant in addition to all the other features listed above which a commercial table top requires.

Our Malaysian Isotop table tops are great to use at cafés which are grab and go. The table tops have a seamless edge making them easy to clean and durable

cafe and coffee shop furniture
German Table top Durela Cognac Oak

Table size

Your goal should be to maximise the number of tables and seating, with appropriate and comfortable distancing, so customers and staff have freedom to move aroundand enjoy a pleasant experience.

Ideally you should leave a space between 80 – 100cm between each table to make sure customers can pull out their chairs and move around without any problems.  If you can measure your café area and plan how many tables you would like to fit to provide an indication about the size of tables and chairs you choose.

There a multitude of combinations between types of chairs, table tops and table support legs to help you find that right blend of comfort, practicality and style for your cafeteria.

It would be our pleasure to help you create your layout and customer seating product. Get in touch using our contact form on the website or you can reach us at [email protected] or give us a call / whatsapp on +971507279096.

Feel free to browse the website at your leisure and contact us for any queries or quotation requests.