Booths and Banquette seating for restaurants and cafes. Banquette seating is a popular seating arrangement in Horeca settings. Booths are often used to maximize the use of space, create a cozy  environment, and add an element of privacy to a dining area. Booths and Banquette seatings are  typically found in cafes as well as  restaurants that serve a variety of cuisines, from casual to fine dining establishments.

One of the benefits of  Booths and Banquette seating for restaurants and cafes  is that it can accommodate more guests in a smaller space. This can be particularly advantageous for  cafes or restaurants that have limited floor space or are looking to maximize the number of customers they can serve at a given time. Additionally, booths and Banquette seats are often more comfortable than a traditional chair, which can encourage guests to stay longer and order more food and drinks.

Booth and banquette seats also create a more intimate and private dining experience. Your customers can enjoy their meal without feeling like they are on display or being observed by other diners. This can be especially pleasing for couples or groups who are looking for a more secluded or romantic dining experience.

From a design perspective, booths can add visual interest  to a restaurant’s interior. Additionally, banquette seating can help to break up the visual monotony of a room by adding different shapes and heights to the seating arrangement.

Overall, booth and banquette seating is a versatile and practical seating option for restaurants that are looking to maximize their space, create a cozy atmosphere, and add an element of privacy to their dining areas.


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