What is contract furniture?

Contract furniture for Restaurants & Cafes. Contract furniture is furniture that used for commercial purposes. It is intentionally manufactured with added strengthening features for use in public environments such as . – places that get heavy traffic day in day out.

Why would one select contract furniture over residential furniture?

Residential furniture would not be able to withstand the same durability as commercial grade furniture.

Consider the usage of a dining set in a home versus a restaurant of Cafe. At home a family may have a meal on their dinning set once or twice a day. A restaurant operating seven days a week will be used by thousands of customers. Furniture in a restaurant will be constantly dragged, pushed, rocked on and leaned on. Not to mention customers don’t view the furniture with the same respect as they would view their own – and thus diners are more likely to view furniture as disposable.  Due to a very high amount of usage, restaurant furniture needs to be more durable than their residential counterparts.

When contract furniture is manufactured and assembled, the parts used are generally stronger than the parts used for residential furniture and also the method of construction and even the finish is more robust.  For example, Contract furniture for Restaurants & Cafes in which wooden items are used such as chairs, they are usually made with proper joints, reinforcement at points of stress and glued where necessary instead of nailed or screwed.  Metal items are often welded instead of screwed together and the type of weld used is stronger than a light weld used in residential furniture.  This not only benefits the lifetime of the furniture, but the safety of those that use it.

Partnering with your contract furniture dealer

Contract furniture provides a consistent approach to sourcing furniture, with a safeguard to expand into the future.

The furniture ensures durability and practicality, along with comfort and design

It is thus important to identify the right contract furniture dealer to partner with who can meet your product and service needs, and collaborate with you to ensure long-term satisfaction.