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Harry Apricot


Outdoor restaurant furniture is an essential component of any dining establishment with outdoor seating, whether it’s a sidewalk cafe, a rooftop bar, or a garden restaurant. Outdoor furniture serves both functional and aesthetic purposes, creating an inviting & comfortable environment for customers to enjoy their meals and drinks in the fresh air.


Our Harry chairs can withstand exposure to the heat, sunlight rain and moisture. It is  powder coated aluminium which makes it  Lightweight, durable, and resistant to rust and corrosion.


Outdoor restaurant furniture Harry chairs are easy to clean and maintain. It is often resistant to stains and can be cleaned with simple soapy water or a hose.


The advantage of our Harry chairs are Is that they are stackable for easy storage. This feature is practical for restaurants with limited storage space.  Our Harry apricot chairs will be a great addition to your outdoor dinning area


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