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Restaurant table surfaces are a vital aspect of any restaurant’s decor, as they set the tone for the dining experience and contribute to the overall look and feel of the restaurant. When choosing table surfaces for a restaurant, there are several factors to consider, including the material, style, and durability.  Our big wood table tops give a warm look and feel.

Our big wood  table tops are very durable. They  can withstand the high traffic environment of frequent use and spills, as well as able to withstand wear and tear over time.



ISO9001 : 2008 Quality Management System Certified
ISO14001: 2004 Environmental Management Certified

Sizes Available:

Square:  70 x 70cm, 80 x 80cm

Rectangle: 110 x 70cm, 120 x 80cm

Isotop Specifications


Seamless Edge
Manufactured especially with a seamless edge for easy cleaning and hygiene purposes
Resistant to Cigarette Burns
If a cigarette falls on the top it will burn out without leaving a mark

Weather Resistant
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

Heat Resistant
No adverse effect from hot dishes in its surface

Damp Proof
Sealed surfaces and edges protect against humidity & dampness

Scratch Resistant
Withstands scratching from crockery & cutlery

Stain Resistant
Sticky or corrosive foodstuff will not penetrate our table tops

Minimum Maintenance
Simple wiping with wet cloth or mild detergent to remove stains

Correct weight – easy to move but not too tight

Elegant & Safe
Smooth attractive finishes + rounded edges for safe, comfortable seating
We can supply with your own design
For large orders, we can supply Isotop to your own designs.